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911 Memorial
June 23rd, 2012

KSU 9:00 from the Goshen Diner

What do you think Frank is doing?

Maybe he is calling the road Gods?

"No, I'm just pointing out our starting point."

Every good ride starts with a full travel mug.

Guys check out the bikes while the ladies check jewelry.

Rob listens as Sal explains the importance of
showing up on time and eating a healthy breakfast.

I'm guessing Frank's been working out.

A pre-ride ritual but...

Angela's not here so Rob settles for Johns hug.

...enough already lets hit the road.

Frank, after his 3rd NYC pretzel.

Nothing beats privileged parking.

Big thanks to Sal and Hook & Ladder 25 for hosting us.

Harleyboy gets cozy at the Firehouse.

Time to head for the subway and down to ground zero.

Haleyboy jam'n with the subway talent.

Security Guard very serious, please stay off the grass.


More of RoseBug Photography below

This is the end, now beat it!

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