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Fall Foliage Ride 2012

October 14th, 2012


Rain in the morning, the afternoon, sunny and awesome.

We met up at A&P in Patterson, NY.

Christine prays for sunshine.

Glenn gets ready for the pre-ride info.

Tom & crew listen in.

Carlos listens intently.

We hit the road. Not raining but wet roads.
(oops where is Jump'n Jeff & Harley Boy?)

First stop is a Cumberland Farms.

80 miles in to the ride means you bail out now with the ride home
you still get a significant ride in for the day.
Some riders decided that would be the best option.

Phil enjoys his egg sandwich on flat bread.

Hot coffee and a fine cigar makes it all good.

Northern loop gets eliminated, we will do a half hour trip to the restaurant
with hopes the sun will shine before we finish eating.
Kurt & Rose are happy with that.

Lorenza wet & cold decide to do her imitation penguin.


The sun peeks out a few times before we get to the restaurant.

Crap I think they locked the doors.

Kurt thinks Hooters is a better option.

Hooters? Did you say Hooters?

The sun is out in full force now, Kurt prays for ...


but it's the Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub.

"Honest I'm normal."

"Normal? ha, ha, ha!"

John showing Rose how to take photographs.

The weather for the trip home was perfect.

By the time we got to our last stop a layer of gear
had to come off, it was perfect riding weather.

Kurt & Rose on Rt. 84 looking so serious.
 "Hey its 6:00 & you're almost ho