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Champlain Canal Tour
July 22nd, 2012
A motorcycle ride to a boat ride.


Diggs explaining the jet expulsion concept of an aircraft take off.

Mr. Diggs looking sharp today!
Who the hell is that guy wearing Sal's jacket?

Marie & her Low Rider

Westchester's First Officer Tom is in the house.

Very cool pic of Harleyboy talking to some old guy.

Angela & Lorenza and the local stalker.

Lorenza look'n smoke'n hot!
and of course the stalker

Joe giving the pre-ride ramble.

"you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

.. and when we are done we all salute?

Butt wait there is more...

It is required that trunks be left open while parking here.

"which way we headed anyway?"

Voted 6 years in a row Chapter 424 best couple
proof that after 30 years you start to look alike!

Leaving the Gateway Diner.

There are those who wait and those that always move along
I'm just say'n.

Air cooled jacket.
Very cool, no pun intended.

Gotta love the open road!

Wassup Tryker BIll?

Just a typical Mid Hudson Chapter ride

Peace brother!

Steve look'n bad ass!

Joe showing off with 2 passengers.

About to swap 2 wheels for a paddle boat.

The Caldwell Belle

I'm afraid of paddle boats, and bees and peas and sometimes mangos.

Relaxing before departure.

Some relaxing more than others.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt!"

Oh that just ain't right, I know you're thinking Children of the Corn?

"So you wanted the chicken salad combo with a Corona, correct?"

"Ahoy mate"

about to drain the lock

You can always count on these two to be having fun.

If a picture says a thousand words than I don't have time to listen to this one...

or this one.

It's funny, some how I always know what this pervert is thinking

...say what?

Digg's is really really hungry!

Rose trades camera ends.
There is that stalker guy again with the green spiked hair.
This dude is like in every picture.

If someone falls overboard throw them this and have them throw the rope back.

Our 1st & 2nd Officers better halves.

or around the head.

This is where the captain asks for some to move to the other side of the boat.

The gate closes and we drop 18 1/2 feet

Angela supervises the opening of the gate.

It's always a great ride when your Dad comes along!

Damn Angela has been working those triceps!

Just a leisure ride through the lock to the water falls

Wanted in all 57 states.

Stop already, I'm have'n to much fun!

Really? You call him Porky?

Shhh, he knows we are talking about him.
Look here and pretend I'm showing you pictures.

They called him Porky but don't tell anyone!

"I can't believe you told her."

"I'm confused."

"Hmmm me too."

"... me too but I have google."

This is the bald section.

get Harley boy over here and we will toss him overboard.

Even being thrown overboard he is still having fun!

"Please no riding the paddle wheel its not a park bench,
what are you from Newark?"

This is the tour boat if you have a party of 14 or less.

"is what you say if you ride over the water fall."

"HEY!!! I did so see a mermaid!"

What is that under the water?

I wonder if she likes seafood?

Carlos in deep thought.


Stalker alert!
That's right look away don't look into his eyes!

Boat ride is history now it's off to lunch.

Mike enjoying the crotch rocket switch.

Fa Cue me? No Fa Cue you!

Warning, sign is bigger than the kitchen.

They tried hard but 33 people at once was tuff on Memphis BBQ
(yes we did call ahead).

kinda explains it

Jump'n Jeff doesn't like his picture taken when he is eating.

Wonder what the guy in the Yankee hat is thinking?

Afterwards if you were a good boy you get desert.

with sprinkles.

Harleyboy shares his cone with a sequenced skull.


Then we went home and lived happily ever after.
The End




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